With studios based in the heart of Gloucester and Cheltenham, Nettl are a web, design, print & marketing agency. Although part of a wider network, each Nettl branch is its own independent business, and as a result, has direct control over their financial performance.

Before we became involved, Nettl were struggling to update their accounts regularly and had a large amount of overdue debt. We revolutionised their reconciliation process so they could improve profitability across the board. 

Services used

  • Digital diagnostic service | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

    Digital diagnostic

  • Accounts management service | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

    Management accounts

  • Cashflow management service | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

    Cashflow management

Finally, we introduced management reports. These are sent to the directors each month, and we join them at a board meeting each quarter to review the numbers. Their bookkeeping is now much more regular, and they are able to make more informed decisions about their business.

Cashflow has greatly improved since our double-pronged approach of integrating Stripe and Go Cardless, and with a comprehensive set of management reports, Nettl have far greater insight into their current and projected revenue. Thanks to this, they’re in a much better position to realise their growth potential.