Leanne Grant 2 September 2019

For some companies, expenses are still a huge burden. Employers and financial teams are still dealing with all of the same stresses that they have been for years – chasing employees for receipts, expenses that don’t quite add up, and worrying about who’s got the company card.

That’s not to mention that there are plenty of employees paying for things out of their own pocket. It gets worse when you remember that a lot of companies still handle the entire process manually. Other businesses have realised that there are better things they could be doing with their time. 

We agree – there’s a much better way to deal with your expenses. At Nephos, we use Pleo to solve most of our clients’ expense headaches.

What is Pleo?

Pleo is a remedy for the headaches of business expenses.

It’s a company spending solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending through smart cards with individual spending limits. 

Let’s say your sales rep wants to buy a coffee for a client. She can buy it using her Pleo card, meaning she doesn’t have to spend her own money. She’ll then be prompted to snap a picture of the receipt with her phone. 

Back at the office, her manager instantly sees the details of the expense in Pleo’s web app. Your employee feels trusted (and doesn’t have out-of-pocket expenses), the boss gets a real-time overview of company spending, the client gets a coffee… everyone’s a winner.

Nephos and Pleo

At Nephos, we often see the problems that can occur when handling a poorly managed expenses process, which is why we’re proud to partner with Pleo. It’s ideal for larger firms and entrepreneur-centric businesses – in the case of business coaching and consultancy firm Canoe, we introduced Pleo from the start of the company’s journey to ensure expenses were managed correctly from the off. Find out more in our Canoe case study.

To find out more about our advisory services or getting set up on Pleo, get in touch.

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