5 May 2021

It’s been just over 3 weeks since we launched our sustainability project, and what a 3 weeks it has been!

Working on a project like this is already proving to be such a rewarding experience for us, even if it has only been a short period of time. From doing our bit to help improve the state the planet, to getting the whole team involved in our journey, it has brought us all together – both team and community. 

For those of you that are new to our journey, we are working our way towards a ‘Net Zero’ status. Net zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. This video from the National Grid gives a great overview of what it means to be net zero.

As you can imagine, businesses all over the country are developing sustainability plans to help tackle the battle that is climate change. However, this isn’t as simple for us SMEs. Most SMEs simply do not have access to the resources that large, corporate giants do. Whether it’s Birdseye ensuring that they are responsibly sourcing their fish to protect future supplies, or BT’s development of a ‘green tech’ innovation platform that can support the transition to net zero across our society and economy. Smaller businesses simply do not have the ability to do such things. 


We CAN still play our part! 

Before launching our project, we did some research to discover what our Carbon Footprint actually looked like. Based on our building’s energy usage, as well as the team’s transport to the office (car or train), our Carbon Footprint came out at 7.3 tonnes CO2e. Further research determined that we are actually quite a bit below the average for an office-based business of our size, which is already a great start!

We have already begun to implement some changes to help bring this figure down to net zero. You may or may not have seen, but we have recently moved offices:


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From the off, we tried our best to make sure we were staying as sustainable as possible. Our new meeting room table was upcycled from a previous owner, our high table in the main office was made using recycled industrial pipes, and of course our rustic lighting has energy saving bulbs in them to help preserve energy. 

Since settling in, our research has continued further. Nephos has been providing our staff with access to fruit boxes each week for quite some time now, providing a good healthy source of nutrition to help them through each day. As this has become a regular occurrence now, we have been thinking about what we can do to help this practice because more sustainable.

Two of our junior members of staff, Joshua Locke and Oliver Owens, looked into this and what we could do.


“Nephos have really started to strive for a cleaner, sustainable environment, trying to develop as many reusable resources and activities as possible! As a team I feel we have all played a part in lowering our carbon footprint and become as naturally productive as possible. Personally, I have been buying locally produced fruit from the street market instead of imported stock from Tesco for our office.”


“We did some research and looked into ways in which we could change our habits in order to become more sustainable as an office and as individuals. For the office, we looked into getting fresh local milk delivered to the office in reusable glass bottles via an electric milk float instead of driving to the supermarket to purchase a plastic bottle of milk.” 

This is just the starting point for Nephos. 

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