Business forecasting with predictive models | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

Predictive models

Forecasting is all about ‘what if?’ scenarios, and we can map increases or decreases in sales, costs and other areas to build a predictive model that’ll show you where you might be in 12 months’ time.

Business forecasting through dynamic dashboards | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

Dynamic dashboards

Instead of stuffy spreadsheets, we use dynamic dashboards that bring your figures to life. Linked to your accounting software, these are constantly refreshed, so rather than the three- or five-year forecast you might be used to, you can update your business plans in real-time.

Monthly business forecasting | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

Why us?

Instead of picking an immovable target, our more frequent forecasting tools let you mirror the ebbs and flows that naturally occur within business and react accordingly. Think of it a bit like hazard perception when you’re driving – it’s much better to spot potential problems before they happen.

We think it’s best to look at your forecasting on a monthly basis, so we’ll sit down and talk you through it all, either in person or over Skype.

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