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Business planning

We’re always thinking about tomorrow, and you should be, too. Anyone can write a business plan, but not many companies can stick to it. We don’t just help you plan – we stay by your side, giving you tangible foundations upon which to build your business.

Corporate finance | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

Corporate finance

When looking to find finance for your business, there are certain questions you’ll need to ask. Why do you need it, what are you going to use it for, and how will it ultimately help your organisation? We’ll find the best provider for you, from more traditional lenders to crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.

Succession planning | Nephos Accountants, Cheltenham

Succession planning

Exiting your business needs to be considered long before you reach that final stage. We’ll ask you all the right questions and ensure you prepare the business correctly, boosting profitability, structuring the business to work without you, and making it an attractive prospect to potential buyers.

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